College Application Coaching

▪  Strategy for applying: deciding how many colleges to apply to; ensuring this list is balanced with the appropriate proportion of reach, target, and safety schools; determining which application deadlines to select, which personal attributes to highlight in the applications, and ensuring applicants target their application efforts towards the specific factors each college they are applying to consider most important in admissions decisions

▪  Coursework: guiding high school course selection to match interests and college admissions requirements

▪  Application: coaching, reviewing, and editing of activities and honors sections, and assisting with other questions on applications

  Organization: how to develop a system to keep track of application requirements and deadlines

  Testing: how to decide whether to take the SAT or ACT, how to prepare for them, when to take them, whether to retake them, which scores to send, and whether to apply test-optional

▪  Essays/short answers: brainstorming topics and developing the story line, staying focused on telling your story and revealing your voice, reviewing and editing drafts (for grammar, spelling and elements of style) for the all application essays and short answer questions

  Recommendations: how to select recommenders and what information to provide them with to receive effective recommendations

▪  Interview: preparation tips and mock interviews

▪  Decision-making: Guiding students in how to evaluate acceptances and determine where to enroll