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College Consulting
for Homeschool Educators

Evaluating and Guiding Coursework
to ensure that it meets college admissions requirements
High School Transcript
coaching you in creating this and reviewing your drafts and final product
School Profile
coaching you in producing this and reviewing your drafts and final product
Course Descriptions
oaching you in writing these and reviewing your drafts and final product
Counselor Recommendation Letter 
coaching you in composing this and reviewing your drafts and final product

Parents of independently homeschooled high school students are not only their child's teacher/curriculum manager but also their college counselor. They need to:

  • plan their college child's courses carefully to ensure they are on track to take the necessary courses to get accepted into college

  • create the student's transcript, course descriptions, the school profile, and the counselor recommendation letter and submit these to the colleges the student is applying to

  • understand the testing requirements for homeschooled students and help their child plan out when and where to take college admissions tests

  • know which additional admissions requirements some colleges have for homeschooled students

  • help their child figure out what colleges to apply to

  • assist their child with their applications


 These requirements can make many parents anxious, but there is no need for alarm. 


I can help you with every part of your role as your child's homeschool college counselor.  


I have walked this path with one of my own children, and as a professional, I make it my job to stay up-to-date with requirements for homeschooled students and how to best present themselves in their college applications.

Services are charged on an hourly basis with discounts for prepaid time bundles. Hours can combined with services for students. Click here for pricing. 


  • 5th-12th grades in Virginia, South Carolina, & Massachusetts

  • Planned the classes and assessments strategically, with selective college admissions requirements in mind

  • Successfully guided eldest child through the college admissions process and created his homeschool transcript, school profile, course descriptions, and counselor recommendation letter

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