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College Counseling for Students

8th-10th grade

8th-10th grade students

For many students, the choices they make in middle school can affect the types of colleges they get accepted into, the majors that are available to them, and even the cost of their college education. Students at this age can benefit greatly from guidance to help them understand their strengths, set goals, explore careers, and plan out their high school courses, activities, and testing with college admissions in mind.

High school planning 

Helping students set goals and make a plan for high school courses, extracurricular activities, and standardized testing to prepare them for future college admission and success.

CareeR exploration

Assisting students to explore potential careers and majors based on personality, interest, values, and abilities assessments.

11th-12th grade students

11th-12th grade

Second semester of 11th grade is the best time for students to dedicate time and energy to figuring out which colleges they should apply to. These students have enough time to find colleges that are a good academic, financial, and social fit for them.  With a solid college list ready by the summer before 12th grade, students are able to complete their college applications at a comfortable pace and get their applications in by early deadlines that give them the best chances for admissions and merit scholarships.

High school planning 

Available for 11th grade students

See description above

Career/Major exploration

Available for 11th & 12th grade students  See description above


Guiding students to find colleges that are a good academic, financial, and social fit for them by:

  • helping students figure out what factors are most important to them

  • educating students on how to find colleges that are affordable for their family

  • teaching students how to research colleges

  • providing students access to research tools

  • guiding students to come up with a balanced list of colleges to apply to

College applications

Coaching students on all parts of their college applications including: 

  • strategies for maximizing acceptance & merit aid

  • essays & short answer questions: brainstorming topics and developing the story line, staying focused on telling your story and revealing your voice, reviewing and editing drafts (for grammar, spelling and elements of style).

  • coaching, reviewing, and editing of activities and honors sections

  • assisting with any questions on applications


Packages & Pricing

10 Hours

For students who want help with only specific parts of the college admissions process. 

For most students, it covers one of the following:

  • a thorough College Search 

  • assistance with either the Personal Statement or University of California's Personal Insight Questions (from brainstorming to final polish)

  • High school planning and career exploration from 8th through 10th grades


20 hours

For seniors who already have a solid college list and need help only with applications, or for students who want to combine two of the Bronze services.

For most students, it covers all of the following:

  • assistance with the Common App and one additional application platform

  • Personal Statement (from brainstorming to final polish)

  • 4 short essays (either the UC PIQs or supplemental essays)

  • use of CustomCollegePlan to manage applications.


For juniors and seniors who want both guidance figuring out where to apply and help with their applications.

For most students, it includes everything in Silver

(20 hours of application coaching)


a thorough College Search


40 hours

Best value for students who want complete assistance with college admissions.

Includes everything in Gold (a thorough College Search and 20 hours of application coaching) plus one or more of the following:

  • high school planning in 8th-11th grades

  • career/major exploration

  • coaching on additional supplemental essays

  • assistance with more than two application platforms

  • homeschool documentation for college applications


30 hours

Hours can be spread over more than one year and combined with services for homeschool educators. Services billed on an hour-by-hour basis are charged at $175 an hour. Prices are subject to change and are only valid until the contract is signed.

Discounts for Active Duty Military Families

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