College Search Counseling

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College Search 

The counselor will help the student find colleges that are a good academic, social, and financial fit for them by:

▪  Learning about the student's interests, aspirations, career goals, learning and social needs, and the family's financial considerations.

▪  Comprehensively assessing the student's educational attitudes, goals, and perspectives, and their strengths as a college applicant.

▪  Helping the student evaluate what he/she needs and want in a college.

▪  Teaching the student how to research colleges.

▪  Guiding the student to come up with a list of colleges that will meet the student's academic, social, and financial needs.

▪  Coaching the student on how to make sure the list of colleges the student eventually applies to is balanced in terms of the student's likelihood of acceptance.

Student will have access to research tools on CustomCollegePlan while working with the counselor.

Career/College Major Exploration add-on to the college search:

Includes everything above plus:

▪  The administration and interpretation of interest, ability, values, and personality inventories.

▪  A discussion of which careers and majors the results point to.

▪  Guidance on how to learn more about these careers and majors.